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Dental 101: Understanding Dental Emergencies

Posted on November 30th, 2019

Doctors greeting their patientHave you been experiencing oral pain lately? Are you sure that it is not something that needs immediate dental assistance? Remember, emergencies can happen any time and anywhere; in fact, despite being cautious, a patient may still experience them. That is why they need to determine if a particular concern is a standard dental issue or an emergency that may put their health at risk if professional assistance is delayed. To recognize a dental emergency, here are the questions you should ask yourself:

    • Is the pain severe? Blood and severe pain are signs of a dental emergency.
    • Are some of your teeth loose? The teeth are supposed to sit firmly in its socket. Even if there is no pain involved, a loose tooth is a serious dental issue.
    • Have you lost a tooth? If treatment is sought immediately, it is possible to save the tooth.
    • Are you suffering from infection? A serious infection or the formation of an abscess can be life-threatening; therefore, treatment should not be delayed.

Any dental concern that requires to stop bleeding, relieve intense pain, and preserve teeth are considered emergencies. Once these are experienced, it is best to give us a call at Lush Family Dental to handle your immediate needs.

Common Dental Emergencies

If you experienced an emergency, here are the things you can do while waiting for the assistance of a dental professional.

A chipped or cracked tooth

If the chip or fracture is very painful, make sure to rinse the mouth with clean water and apply a cold compress to reduce swelling. While waiting for the dentist, take acetaminophen to manage pain. Make sure to avoid using a numbing gel since this can damage the gums.

Abscessed tooth

A dental abscess is a pocket of pus that forms in the teeth, which can lead to infection. It is not something that can be underestimated since it is potentially life-threatening. Some of the symptoms a patient may experience include tooth sensitivity, fever, recurring toothache, swelling in the face, tender lymph nodes in the neck, and the formation of a pimple-like bulge near the infected tooth.

Make sure to seek immediate assistance; a tooth infection can spread on the surrounding tissues, jaw, or even in the body. While waiting for a dentist, rinse the mouth with a saline solution multiple times to lessen pain, and draw the pus to the surface.

Knocked out tooth

If a tooth accidentally falls out, immediate action from the patient makes it possible to save the tooth. Pick up the tooth carefully by its crown, not the roots, and clean it without scrubbing. If it is possible for the patient, they can try to reinsert the tooth to its socket. However, if this is not possible, place the tooth in a container with milk and see a dentist right away.

If you experience any dental troubles that need urgent dental attention, do not hesitate to call us at Lush Family Dental. Our dental professionals are trained to handle your immediate needs, take advantage of our Emergency Dentistry in Waukee, IA!

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