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Your First Visit

What To Expect At Your First Dental Visit

Enjoy a paperless onboarding process using our iPads while having access to our free refreshments center. Take a tour of the facility to learn about the state-of-the-art technologies we will use to help bring you to optimal health.

Your First Visit


We’ll update any necessary radiographs as needed. If you recently had some made at another office just let the team know and we can have those sent over to us. You will have a detailed examination looking for any signs of oral cancer, gum disease, or cavities. Watch as we make a 3-dimensional scan of your teeth. We’re willing to bet you likely haven’t seen something like this before. No more of that messy impression material! Lastly, we will come up with a personalized plan tailored to fit your exact needs using the recommendations of Dr. Mike and Dr. Blake.

How To Schedule Your First Appointment

Click here to request an appointment OR call us at (515) 207-3126 to speak with someone from the team directly.


If you are scheduling for a child who has not had much experience with the dental office, please call our team for some tips on how to help them feel more comfortable. We are happy to have them tour the office to get their feet wet. No treatment will be done but this can help them feel more comfortable when that time comes. Grab a complimentary book from the front desk that you can take home to help prevent them from developing a fear of the dentist!

Tour Our Beautiful Office!

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