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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Waukee, IA

Professional Teeth whitening is a simple and very effective method of brightening the color of your teeth. Lush Family Dental in Waukee offers top-quality, professional teeth whitening to help you smile more confidently.

Teeth Whitening

The color of your teeth is very important to how you look when you smile.

Discoloration can ruin an otherwise beautiful smile which, in turn, can dampen your confidence. Top-quality teeth whitening treatment will remove discoloration and improve the whiteness of your teeth. Our teeth whitening treatment can be trusted to produce the desired results while being safe at the same time.

Tooth discoloration can be caused by a variety of factors including foods like berries and cherries; drinks such as red wine, tea, coffee, or cola; prolonged use of tobacco; accumulation of tartar or plaque deposits; and aging. A professional teeth whitening procedure uses hydrogen peroxide on the surface of the teeth. The oxygen in the compound would then break down the molecules of the stain on your teeth.

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Safe?

Professional teeth whitening treatment is quite safe. Our professionals only use safe and non-toxic compounds for the treatment. During the procedure, your gums and lips are covered to prevent irritation from the bleaching compound.

How Long Will the Teeth Whitening Last?

Our teeth whitening treatment takes effect immediately which can last up to three years, or longer. However, you should note that this duration can be shortened. The use of tobacco products (chewing or smoking) and certain foods will shorten the effects.

What is the Difference Between At-Home and Professional Teeth Whitening?

At-home teeth whitening uses over-the-counter products which may either contain abrasive particles or small amounts of hydrogen/carbamide peroxide. These products usually come in the form of toothpaste, gel, or strips. They are only effective for surface stains and take a while to produce the desired results.

A professional teeth whitening, on the other hand, uses a top-quality bleaching agent and the expertise of a dentist to safely whiten your teeth inside and out. The results are achieved quicker and last longer than at-home teeth whitening.

If you desire a brighter, whiter smile, look no further than Lush Family Dental in Waukee. Our teeth whitening treatment can produce immediate, long-lasting results that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful when you smile. We operate in a family-friendly atmosphere with all the proper amenities to make your visit a comfortable one. Please call us today at (515) 207-3126 to schedule an appointment.

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