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30 MAY 2019 Correcting the Misconceptions Associated with Dental Veneers – Waukee, IA

Posted on May 30th, 2019

Happy, smiling womanThere are a lot of urban legends floating around. Unfortunately, some people actually fall victim to such claims since they tend to believe what they hear or read. In dentistry, however, this is a big no-no since it can result in issues with serious effects on one’s overall wellness.

At Lush Family Dental, we believe that it is best for every patient to know everything about a particular dental procedure. Although dentists would first need to evaluate the condition of a patient before giving a specific process a go, at least they already know what to expect.

One popular dental service that has several misconceptions floating around is dental veneers. Despite the benefits it offers, there are still patients who are hesitant to give the smile enhancer a go. To clear everything out, let us at Lush Family Dental debunk the myths by providing the truth.

Dental Veneer Misconceptions and the Facts

Unnatural looking

Veneers are designed to mimic real teeth as closely as possible. To achieve this, materials like composite, porcelain, and ceramic are utilized while taking the patient’s natural shade into consideration. As a result, veneers become unnoticeable.

Can serve as a tooth replacement

Although veneers are used to restore and even preserve compromised teeth, when placed, it cannot possibly replace an entire structure that has been lost. For this prosthesis to work, it needs to be attached to a tooth.

Filling down the tooth is necessary

Contrary to how most people imagine the procedure, the removal of the enamel is minimal. This step is usually performed to make sure that the oddity of a particular tooth is smoothed out. We at Lush Family Dental offer brands that only requires a very minimal tooth preparation to preserve more of the healthy teeth.

Veneers are all for show

Veneers are usually availed due to its cosmetic benefits, but this is not the only thing patients can take advantage of. The prosthesis, once placed, provides additional strength and even fixes damage like chips or breaks.

Only for the front teeth

Veneers may be usually used for the teeth that show the most when smiling but know that even the teeth on the lower jaw and premolars can receive veneers.

With these cleared up, do you think that getting veneers is the ideal solution for your cosmetic dental needs? Let us at Lush Family Dental help you determine your qualification for the said service.

Bring out your best smile with Veneers in Waukee, IA, book your appointments with Lush Family Dental! Call us to experience outstanding results to make your teeth naturally beautiful and healthy.

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